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28th January

The Weekend Warrior Athlete

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8th July

When talking about the vast majority of athletes, we’re looking at a lot of weekend warriors. These are individuals who are kept inactive during the week due to work and make it up tenfold on the weekends. All too often this leads to Monday mornings full of aches and pains. A large amount of research and time has been put into the care of elite athletes, but the everyday athlete gets left behind. Luckily, a lot of what is done for professionals translates directly to recreational athletes. A key step that is often missed is a proper warm up. A typical warm up at a hockey game is a few laps and some shots on net, while at golf were lucky to get a couple shots in at the range before that first drive. When we go into an … Read More »

Muscle Pain

8th February

Olympian Jeff Pain swears by active release therapy to get sore or injured muscles moving again, and to generally improve his athletic performance.

“There’s no better therapy out there,” says Pain, as chiropractor Conrad Tang uses his thumbs to work the quadriceps muscle of the 2006 silver medallist in skeleton.

So-called “manual release therapies” such as active release therapy, Graston technique and Kinesio Taping are all the rage -Jon Montgomery reportedly used active release therapy prior to his gold-medal win at the 2010 Olympics.

But there’s little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of the therapies, says Tang, also a kinesiology researcher with the University of Calgary who is embarking on a study to determine if manual release therapies, at the cutting edge of injury treatment and performance enhancement for elite athletes, can help regular folks with kneecap pain.

He’s looking for 20 active … Read More »

Health Connexin

8th February

Most of what is considered “cutting edge” in the news media has usually been in the works for 1 to 10 years. The recent citing of “trans fats” as the latest demon has actually been in the works since the late ’70’s. It’s just taken 25-30 years for legislators and the medical establishment to do something about it. Hopefully we can get things to you a bit faster than that

Here are a few interesting facts:

In the last 13 years of their life, the typical North American is on an average of 10 prescription medications. That means that you are probably contracting a major chronic disease process by the time that you’re 65.
One in two women will suffer from a fracture in their lifetime due to the fragility of their bones (osteoporosis). The scary part is that if you fracture your … Read More »

We Moved

8th February

We are now located at 10822 124 st. We needed to grow! Come and join Dr’s Jeffels & Dr. Jamieson at our new, bigger and better location. with longer hours and more therapies to serve you better. Our phone number is still 780.424.7246.

Location Map

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